Future-proof your family’s legacy with global property investments

International property is an enticing option for investors seeking to leave behind a legacy of wealth for future generations through tangible offshore investments in some of the world’s high-growth, developed and dynamic property jurisdictions.

Why invest in international property?

Economic & political stability

Currency exposure

Tangible, stable asset class

Leverage against your purchase

Long-term wealth generation

Provides capital diversification


Invest in Booming Birmingham

Birmingham is booming – and for a good reason. Invest in one of the most popular cities in Europe. With a completion date of Q4 2023, you can expect rental yields of up to 5.2% in this high-growth region.


Why Carrick Property?


Carrick Property offers independent professional services to assist clients who wish to diversify their investment portfolios into property. We focus on identifying the high-growth markets around the world, providing comprehensive management of the process, and ensuring all due diligence to provide our clients with an efficient and successful outcome.


Explore opportunities in key cities around the world

Diversify your portfolio and explore our international investment opportunities in high-growth, developed and dynamic property jurisdictions.

Learn more about shaping your property property portfolio, no matter where you are in the process

Carrick Property’s portfolio of premium investment opportunities consists of property developments situated in unique, high-growth, dynamic locations around the world.


Halcyon Retreat, Golf & Spa Resort


Scholars Quarter

Thursday, 31 march 2022  |  11:00 sa time (gmt +02:00)

Buy it, Use it, Rent it, Sell it


In this webinar, your experts explore​ an investment opportunity in the heart of the French Lake District that can give you a luxury lifestyle at a fraction of the price. 

This is a great opportunity to get valuable information from your property investment experts with over 20 years of experience within the sector.

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