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About The Carrick Group


The Carrick Group is a financial services provider specialising in financial planning, integrated wealth management and investment solutions for high-net-worth (HNW) clients in South Africa, across the African sub-continent and internationally. Carrick has its head office in Cape Town and additional offices in Johannesburg and Durban.

We are also licensed in Zimbabwe and Malawi and hold three global licences in Mauritius. For the past four years Carrick has won a string of prestigious international best practice awards as a financial and investment advisory, more recently the team won “Best Adviser Support Team” and “Excellence in Marketing”.

Carrick Property


We launched our international property division in response to an identified need in the market for the provision of independent professional services. We aim to assist clients who wish to diversify their investment portfolios into international property. As such we assist HNW clients or families invest in property across secure and developed property market jurisdictions;

Diversifying their total investment portfolios through efficient structuring of a property portfolio
Identifying high-growth property markets in secure, stable and developed jurisdictions around the world
Providing complete management of the property purchase and management process
Securing partnerships with established developers with proven track records
Carrick’s Investment Committee approves all transactions and developments, thus adding additional due diligence to ensure clients aren’t exposing themselves to any undue risk. While Carrick forges beneficial partnerships with industry leaders in the International Property field, we also at all times maintain our full independence in order for our clients to benefit from the best objective and professional advice and property investment transactions.

The Carrick Philosophy


At Carrick, we see our role as helping and guiding our clients professionally, transparently and with integrity towards achieving the financial and investment goals they have set for themselves. We understand how hard you’ve worked for your money, and as experienced advisers we understand the importance of wealth and believe that by earning your trust and exceeding your expectations no one will be better placed to help you grow, protect and preserve your wealth.

We firmly believe that wealth management – whether in respect of property or any other asset class – is never a single step, but a life-long voyage driven by sound financial principles and a dynamic investment strategy. Guided by a masterful understanding of your financial situation, through careful financial planning, strategic implementation and ongoing management, we build long-term wealth for our clients.

A Seamless Experience


We strive to make your property investment experience as successful and informative as possible. We provide support and assistance every step of the way.


Meet with a trusted advisor

Start with a consulation with a Carrick Wealth Advisor to discuss international property investment opportunities.

Receive proposal

You will receive a custom property investment proposal based on your equity, desired location, and investment objectives.

Mortgage pre-approval

Once you have reviewed the proposal, you will begin the application process for mortgage pre-approval.

Select investment property

Upon pre-approval of the mortgage, you will select the specific development and exact unit to purchase.

Pay reservation fee

Next, you will sign the reservation form, submit you KYC documents and pay the property reservation fee.

Legal exchange

The legal exchange of the property takes place. Carrick Property can assist in finding the right legal assistance.

Contract deposit

The contract deposit is paid.

Mortgage application

The mortgage application begins and is submitted once the application is complete.


Once the balance of the fees are paid, legal occupancy occurs.

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