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Why choose Carrick Property?

Trusted consultants

Property experts provide independent professional services to assist clients seeking to diversify their investment portfolio into the property. We help high-net-worth clients and families invest in secure, high-growth and developed markets.

Premium property

We diversify the overall investment portfolio by efficiently structuring a property portfolio. We identify high-growth real estate markets in secure, stable and developed countries around the world.

Turnkey solution

We handle the complete property acquisition and management process.We do all of this in one seamless experience that benefits and protects our clients.

Beneficial partnerships

We secure partnerships with established developers with proven track records. While Carrick forms beneficial partnerships with industry leaders in international property, we maintain complete independence at all times so that our clients can benefit from the best objective and professional advice.

Investment committee

Our Investment Committee approves all transactions and developments, thus adding additional due diligence to ensure clients aren’t exposing themselves to any undue risk.

Award-winning investment excellence


Carrick is an award-winning financial service provider specialising in financial planning, wealth management and investment solutions for high-net-worth individuals. When you choose Carrick Property, you choose service excellence.

Trusted Advisers

Carrick’s Award-Winning History

Proudly part of Southern Africa’s leading financial advisery

Carrick is a financial services provider specialising in investment solutions for high-net-worth (HNW) clients in South Africa, Africa and internationally. Carrick has its head office in Cape Town and additional offices in Johannesburg and Durban. We are also licensed in Zimbabwe and Malawi and hold three global licences in Mauritius. Since its inception, Carrick has won a string of prestigious international best practice awards as a financial and investment advisory.

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