Jun 14, 2022

Carrick is pleased to welcome Greg Stockton as the new Managing Director of Carrick International Property

Carrick is pleased to be welcoming Greg Stockton as our new Managing Director: Carrick International Property, effective from today, 13 June.  

Greg brings over 19 years of experience in global markets having previously worked in financial services in the United Arab Emirates, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. His personal mission is to ensure that clients’ best interests always remain at the forefront of every individual, business and commercial decision made.

Prior to taking up his new role leading Carrick International Property today, Greg was the Chief Executive Officer of Prosperity, a UAE-based financial planning firm with both a domestic and international client base.


“We are excited to have Greg coming on board. He has both a clear commitment to and record of developing people, products, and businesses in the financial services sector that we believe will be of immense benefit to our property company, both locally and internationally,” said Craig Featherby, Founder and CEO of Carrick Group of Companies.


Carrick International Property officially launched in 2020 and instantly filled the investment gap by providing clients with the ability to diversify their investments through international property.

Part of the company’s strategy for 2022 will include product expansion as well as recruiting property specialists across the region. One of the keys to Carrick International Property’s ongoing success will be to provide quality offshore lending solutions to African residents who, in turn, can leverage their capital resulting in far better returns.


“Greg’s skills and experience make him well placed to innovate and build on the current successes of Carrick International Property, and we wish him everything of the best in this position,” said Featherby.

“Property has formed part of clients’ portfolios for decades, and rightly so as it is a great hedge to the financial markets whilst providing clients with some degree of needed certainty and comfort, especially when looking at a country such as the UK. The interest in international property has grown rapidly over the last 3 to 5 years which is why I feel incredibly comfortable putting a two-decade career in traditional financial services behind me in order to focus on this full time,” said Greg.

Carrick International Property will not only offer international property but will also assist in the sourcing of solicitors, securing mortgages, furnishing, finding suitable tenants, and the ongoing management of the properties. A true end-to-end experience making any purchase extremely seamless for Carrick International Property clients.


“I am looking forward to bringing my wealth of experience to this new business not only to help people understand the great opportunities that exist in investment property but also to help them understand it truly from a financial planning perspective. I look forward to working with Craig and the team to build something special over the coming years, starting with our flagship shop front office in Camps Bay, Cape Town. Feel free to pop in for a coffee,” said Greg.

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