Apr 05, 2022

New Carrick Property Website Streamlines the Offshore Real Estate Investment Journey

At Carrick we have always prided ourselves on providing a world-class holistic, integrated and client-centric experience, with the aim of making our clients’ investment journeys as simple as possible.

“The new-look Carrick Property website is designed to do just that,” says Scott Irving, General Manager of Carrick Property. “An innovative, easily accessible and user-friendly platform, it aims to provide a seamless customer experience from beginning to end.”

Carrick Property Solutions 


Carrick Property offers independent professional services to assist clients who wish to diversify their investment portfolios into property. We focus on identifying the high-growth markets around the world, providing comprehensive management of the process, and ensuring all due diligence to provide our clients with an efficient and successful outcome.  


In response to this, the new website offering is multi-fold: 

  • Provide educational content to new and seasoned real estate investors 
  • Offer market and related insights 
  • Showcase the wide range of properties we have available to our clients 
  • Highlight how we can help clients shape their property portfolio, no matter where they are in the process. 


Readily available information includes articles and webinars on why offshore property investment is critical to a diversified portfolio, how to invest, about the Carrick Property business process and what to expect, and our strategic partnerships. 

Carrick Property is working towards tailoring the user journey to each investor type, whether the client is just getting started, has invested in international property or is a seasoned investor. The new website was developed with this in mind, and provides relevant content and advice based on where the user is in their journey. 

Visitors to the site can also navigate directly to key tabs for quick access to popular content: 



This is an overview of our product suite, enabling users to view properties of interest and access a wealth of information on the property and jurisdiction. 


Market Insights 

Here users will find information around the benefits of investing in offshore property and have access to the most up-to-date, uncomplicated market information and advice. 



Site visitors can register for upcoming webinars and view all past webinars on demand. 



Trust is fundamental in our business so special attention was paid to providing a full overview of the Carrick Property business process and services. This serves to empower visitors with knowledge upfront about our approach to building and protecting financial wellbeing now, and for future generations. 


“We are proud to present our improved site,” says Irving. “Now, anyone interested in adding real estate to their investment portfolio can easily navigate their way around all that Carrick Property has to offer, from the comfort of their home or office.” 

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