Apr 14, 2022

Resort Property: A Good Investment?

Investing in a resort development is just one way to add another layer to your real estate investment portfolio.  

Most people tend to stick with the real estate markets that they know, but there are some other great opportunities out there. “Resort investing can come with rental guarantees which takes the hassle out of owning a property overseas,” says property investment expert Spencer Lodge. If you want the peace of mind that comes with not having to think about development, tenants, rental and maintenance, then resort property may be for you. 

The five-star Halcyon Retreat, Golf & Spa Resort in Limousin, in the heart of the French Lake District, is very exciting from an investment perspective, says Scott Irving, General Manager of Carrick Property. “We always try to ensure the highest returns for our clients and this property will do just that. It’s safe, secure and has low exposure to risk.” 

Here are some other reasons this investment opportunity property packs a punch: 


Backed by the Best 

Blue-chip organisation, Wyndham is one of the largest hotel groups in the world with 9000 hotels around the world on its books. It has partnered with cash-rich UK-based developer, Halcyon to develop the resort. When Halcyon bought the chateaux (the original home of the French Resistance in WW2) 11 years ago, it was a cash purchase so there is no debt on the development, which means no bank or finance charges over the land (this gets checked by a French notaire before every single property is transferred). In addition to turning the chateaux into a luxury hotel, Halcyon also bought 1million sqm of land alongside, for which they have full planning permission for over 300 apartments. “Partnering with a hotel chain as big as Wyndham means extensive due diligence has been done,” explains Irving, “so investors have unparalleled peace of mind.


The French Attraction 

African investors continue to show a strong appetite for offshore property investments and the demand for property across Europe is high, says international property expert Spencer Lodge. “The interest in France is even higher due to it being the most popular tourist destination in the world. More people visit France than the USA (which is 18 times bigger). It’s euro based – which is one of the safest currencies in the world – has stable governance and the country is well run. France simply continues to grow in popularity, properties appreciate steadily and reliably, and the French property market is one of the most regulated housing markets in the world.” 


Premium Experiences for the Whole Family

The resort is beautifully positioned in 200 acres of rolling French countryside and forests. The original stone cottages and buildings have been remodelled into units for purchase, forming a French village complete with a boulangerie and patisserie. With over 60 activities, it really does deliver on Halcyon’s vision of “a world class destination for those who love the idea of spending quality time reconnecting with their family in an environment of outstanding natural beauty”. The 90ha grounds feature an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, fully stocked fishing lakes, a state of the art spa, wellness centre and gym, fine-dining restaurants, a themed children’s adventure area, an indoor aquatic centre and conference facilities.  


Added Benefits… 

Investors in Halcyon own their unit and are given two weeks a year at the resort to use free of charge. It’s a win-win investment – a property that can be rented out to generate income and can also be used by clients or for a family holiday. “So, if you purchase as an investment but still want somewhere to go on vacation with your family once a year, you can choose any two weeks and experience the resort for yourself,” says Irving. 

The resort development also has access to Wyndham’s 85 million enrolled loyalty customers. This will have a positive impact on occupancy percentages and room rates through the whole year. 

Watch our latest Halcyon Retreat, Golf and Spa Resort webinar with Spencer Lodge here:



For more information on Halcyon Retreat, Golf and Spa Resort visit:

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