UK Property Market Outlook for 2022 - Botswana | Live Webinar

The residential property market in Western Europe has traditionally provided good, stable returns. One of the star performers now is the UK, where demand for housing far exceeds supply.      

With the residential property sector in the UK showing resilience and growth, it offers African investors a stable income with excellent long-term results.   

Join us as we unlock the key to a successful UK property investment for Batswana investors.


Thursday, 03 February 2022

11:00 (GMT +02:00)


Key Investment Highlights


UK property investment hotspots for 2022


How can Batswana invest in UK property?


What mortgages are available to Batswana investors?


The importance of diversification – GBP vs Pula


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Featured Experts

Scott Irving

General Manager
Carrick Property

Craig Warwick

Founder and CEO,
Carrick Group

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