Future-proof your portfolio for
the road ahead

We understand that your dreams are built with so much more than just bricks and mortar. We know that it’s about growing, protecting and preserving your wealth through property investment and looking after the legacy you choose to leave behind.

Our Client Journey

Research Support

Meet with a dedicated Carrick International Property consultant.

Outline purchase reasons, goals, and budgets.

Consultant to conduct research.

Consultant to present options in line with your requirements.


Purchase Support

Secure the property with reservation forms.

Introduce to solicitors.

Manage exchange documents.

If required arrange mortgage / lending.

Complete final handover.

After Exchange Support

Source qualified tenant.

Management of the property and lease.

Investing with us

At Carrick International Property we understand that each client is on a different investment journey. Some are just starting out, while others are seasoned investors. This is why we go above and beyond, anticipating client needs, offering tailor-made solutions and assistance and making sure clients make informed and profitable decisions at exactly the right time.

Expert Guidance

We offer independent professional services and custom-made solutions to assist clients wanting to diversify their investment portfolios into property, through efficient property portfolio structuring, expert advice and support.

Sound Advice

We identify high-growth property markets in secure, stable and developed jurisdictions around the world. The Carrick International Property Investment Committee approves all transactions, adding due diligence and ensuring clients are not exposed to any undue risk.

End-to-End Management

We facilitate the complete process, from initial proposal and administration to mortgage application and occupancy handover, ensuring that our clients are supported and secure every step of the way.

Exchange Solutions

Carrick International Property assists with the facilitation of foreign exchange and offers solutions that provide fast, secure, and cost-effective access and movement of foreign currencies.

Why invest in international property?

Economic & political stability

Property investments within established and secure locations are typically seen as more stable and less volatile when compared to some other investments.

Currency exposure

Making property purchases in other jurisdictions allows you to consistently hedge against currency volatility.

Tangible, stable asset class

Providing a physically tangible asset that can be passed to future generations.

Leverage against your purchase

Maximise your returns by putting less of your own cash in and using borrowed money to leverage against your property purchase.

Long-term wealth generation

A reliable, ongoing source of passive income in foreign/hard currency.

Provides capital diversification

Provides diversified capital which geographically spread risk over a range of markets.

Strategic Partnerships


Carrick International Property has entered into exclusive strategic partnerships with leading international property specialists. They share our view that global property investment should be recognised on the same level as other asset classes and should be considered as a diversifying, value-adding, safe and appreciating addition to one’s investment portfolio.

Together with our international partners, we are able to provide our clients with access to the best opportunities in the most dynamic, high-growth markets. In this way Carrick will provide its clients with a turnkey service, guiding and assisting them through every step of their real estate investment venture. Carrick nonetheless at all times will fully maintain its independence.

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