Why invest in International Property?

Why choose an international property investment with Carrick Property?

Security and Stability

  • Property investments within established and secure locations are typically seen as more stable and less volatile when compared to investment such as equities.

Income Generation

  • A reliable, ongoing source of passive income in foreign/hard currency
  • A means to independence, self-sustainability and providing retirement income

Provides Diversification

  • Provides diversified capital and income dynamics
  • Geographically spreads risk over a range of markets

Offshore Investment in Dynamic Cities

  • Investing in fast-developing, high-growth cities, regions and economies
  • Part of the development of vibrant, revolutionising world cities

Tangible Investment with Capital Appreciation

  • Property is a physically tangible asset that can be passed to future generations

Exclusive Partnerships


Carrick Property has entered into exclusive strategic partnerships with leading international property specialists. They share our view that global real estate investment should be recognised on the same level as other asset classes and should be considered as a diversifying, value-adding, safe and appreciating addition to one’s investment portfolio.

Together with our international partners, we are able to provide our clients with access to the best opportunities in the most dynamic, high-growth markets. In this way Carrick will provide its clients with a turnkey service, guiding and assisting them through every step of their real estate investment venture. Carrick nonetheless at all times will fully maintain its independence.

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